The main guest, Mr. Big H, will be arriving soon and my beautiful friends will be providing the entertainment tonight. This party has only one rule - sexy costumes. Let's see who's here together...


Onchain quantity: 134

A very quiet and shy girl by nature, but today she has thrown away her inhibitions and is ready to go all out in a nun costume.


Onchain quantity: 127

She's always immersed in books. Sometimes I feel like there's no question she doesn't know the answer to. That's why she's organizing tonight. The costume she's chosen for tonight commands due respect, and anyone who doesn't listen will be caned.


Onchain quantity: 117

A professional nurse had a clear choice of costume. Tonight she would be checking to make sure no one got hurt in the wild dancing, and whoever needed it would be treated really thoroughly.


Onchain quantity: 141

She's a stickler for order. You could eat off the floor with this lady, so she will make sure everything is clean and fragrant at the party.


Onchain quantity: 120

His head is always in the clouds. Buckle up, please. Tonight we'll fly to the heavens.


Onchain quantity: 109

Our captain. We'll sail with her on the waves of dance and good cheer.


Onchain quantity: 123

She is mainly involved in swimming. She loves sunny days full of fun and mixed drinks. Her loud giggles and laughter can't be overheard.


Onchain quantity: 105

A romantic soul. She will never refuse an invitation for a walk on the pier or on the beach by moonlight.


Onchain quantity: 113

The twins Kana and Hiromi are practically indistinguishable. It's a good thing Kana recently dyed her hair, because up until then it was always tangled. Kana's only trademark was her obsession with lollipops. If she's not sucking on one, she's definitely got some on her person at least.


Onchain quantity: 94

For being Kany's twin, she's the exact opposite. She doesn't like sweets at all, so you won't be able to please her with a birthday cake.


Onchain quantity: 87

She's the twins' older sister. She didn't have it easy with the girls, but she loves them.


Onchain quantity: 92

Her beautiful silky voice and graceful walk make her the host of tonight's party. She's very active and can't relax at all. She's offered to host the karaoke lounge all night.


Onchain quantity: 88

We met at the photo exhibition. She is a well-known blogger and talented photographer. She won a prestigious award for her picture of an elephant on the African savannah. She'll be immortalizing tonight's party on her Instax camera, which she can't afford.


Onchain quantity: 77

A prominent personality on the internet - influencer. In her case, you have the feeling that the mobile phone is part of her. She never lets it out of her hand. She is constantly posting photos, liking and making stories. She has absolute insight and never misses a gossip.


Onchain quantity: 79

A professional tennis player for whom movement is the meaning of life. She will teach you everything you need and I think that her friendly nature and beautiful smile will win you over.


Onchain quantity: 77

For her, sport is not a profession, but a life passion. She doesn't miss a game as a fan.


Onchain quantity: 70

Its typical feature is black colour. She has practically no other colour of clothes in her wardrobe. Her most loyal friends are her three cats, which she took in when they were abandoned as kittens in the alley behind her house.


Onchain quantity: 73

Its appearance is reminiscent of the sun goddess. I remember we met at a music festival. You couldn't miss her at all. She exudes a great sense of well-being and positive energy. She literally dazzles you.


Onchain quantity: 47

At first glance, a fragile blonde, but make no mistake. She graduated from the bartending academy and can make the most delicious drinks. Yummy.


Onchain quantity: 58

She's got card tricks and other magic tricks down pat. The speed at which she can draw you into her performance is truly astounding. Unfortunately, she never told me a trick.


Onchain quantity: 46

She always admired the Harlequin statues very much. She already has a large collection at home. Therefore, like the original Harlequin character from Italian comedies, her performance is full of wit and spontaneous improvisation.


Onchain quantity: 43

Fashion designer with a very interesting focus. She creates harnesses and harnesses, so her costume is decorated with interesting elements. Dance is her passion and as she says: I can be whoever I want to be on stage.


Onchain quantity: 40

She loves everything shiny, shiny. She looks like a diamond herself. She graduated from a dance school abroad and is fluent in five languages. She works as a translator.


Onchain quantity: 46

She writes fantasy books, has a diverse imagination and a flair for creating suspenseful plots. That's why her dance performances have a touch of magic and supernatural.


Onchain quantity: 23

The most noble dance performance at the end was prepared by Kaede. On the dance floor she is the same as in life - wild and full of energy. You won't get bored watching her show.


Onchain quantity: 37

She opened a great pastry shop and makes the best homemade ice creams. She's gonna sweeten this party up.


Onchain quantity: 21

Personal assistant to Mr. Big H. Today she will be his party escort and take care of the guests.


Onchain quantity: 23

She has always been interested in space and enjoys stargazing. Her dancing seems like it's not even out of this world and she can make it ethereal.


Onchain quantity: 14

The rocket engineer takes the party to a whole new level. Fasten your seat belts, we're going to the moon.


Onchain quantity: 9

The most beautiful girl tonight. She only appears at the best parties and her charisma can take everyone around her breath away.